Registered Massage Therapy (Insurance receipt available) Performed by our registered massage therapist. Massage therapy is soft tissue manipulation of the body including muscles, tendons, ligaments, connective tissues and joints. RMTs have extensive knowledge in human anatomy, physiology and variety of conditions. Massage therapy is beneficial for a variety of different conditions including sprain, strain, hypertonicity (tight muscles), tendinitis, sports injuries and etc., Massage therapy can effectively treat both acute and chronic conditions by decrease pain and discomfort, restore muscle tone, increase joint mobility and improve overall health. Styles available for booking include Tuina Foot Massage, Tuina Massage and Thai Massage.

$60/30 mins     $82/45 mins     $90/60 mins     $113/75 mins
$135/90 mins     $158/105 mins     $180/120 mins     225/150 mins