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Direct Billing

Thanks to TELUS Health eClaims, we can submit your insurance claim on your behalf to most major providers!

At Osteo Tuina our goal is to make your healthcare experience as smooth as possible from beginning to end. That’s why we’re happy to offer direct billing through TELUS Health eClaims and Sunlife eClaims.

If you’d like us to bill directly to your insurance provider on your behalf, please bring your insurance card with you to your first appointment and let the receptionist know when you arrive.

Please visit the TELUS Health eClaimswebsite for the full, up-to-date list of supported insurance companies.

Please note:

  • You get to pay less out-of-pocket – just what your insurance doesn’t cover!
  • Some insurance policies don’t allow for service providers to submit claims on patients’ behalf. Contact your insurance provider to find out what the rules on your policy are.
  • Occasionally, your insurance provider will need some time to process the claim. In those cases, we will need you to pay the full amount at the front desk. You can rest assured, however, that your claim has been submitted, and that your insurance provider will send the eligible covered amount directly to you once they’ve finished processing.
  • Can do eClaim for RMT and Acupuncture service.
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