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RMT; R.Ac Yincai Li (Maria)


Yincai graduated from Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. She has accumulated over 20 years of abundant experiences in assisting and benefiting her clients with Tuina massage and acupuncture treatments. Her unique and one of a klnd massage technique has helped numerous clients with pain and disease relief. She excels in treating various illness and chronic pain such as: headaches, shoulder and neck pain, abdominal pain, waist and back pain, orthopedic issues, fall & injury, chronic muscle soreness and strain, numbness in hands, arthritis, edema, hydroarthrosis as well as facial muscle tightness. For obgyno related treatments, she is proficient in treating menstural irregulation, menstural pain, PMS, as well as menopause symptoms. She can also treat complications arising from Covid19, such as, lack of strenght, fatigue, chronic cough and strep throat...etc. In terms of mood management, she is great at treating depression, anger, anxiety and paranoia. Her treatment methods include acupuncture, tuina massage, moxa, cupping and Guasha(scraping) to generate optimal results.

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