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R.Ac; R.Tcmp Shuang Yu (Shelley)

R.Ac Shuang Yu (Shelley)BOOK NORTH YORK

Shuang (Shelley) Yu, R. Ac, R. TCM practitioner, also an instructor of two Traditional Chinese Medical schools in Toronto. She applies traditional acupuncture channel and points examination to find out the disorders and locate the points precisely. Her treatment motto is “Less is More” and she uses minimum points and herbal ingredients to achieve the most effective results for different types of comprehensive practices. Besides acupuncture and herbs, she also applies moxibustion, cupping, Guasha and Tuina to support the body’s healing process. Her unique traditional channel Tuina technique for children from infants to teenagers helps to resolve body issues and strengthen constitutions. Besides treatment, Shelley loves communicating to her clients the “coles-notes” of their TCM diagnosis and educating people in self-care and preventative health practice with easily understanding TCM knowledge. Many of her clients say “you are the only one who tells me what is going on in me”.

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