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RMT; R.Ac; R.Tcmp Youling Lin


Youling is a registered acupuncturist, registered TCM practitioner and registered massage therapist with more than 15 years of working experience. Youling holds a bachelor’s degree in TCM and Acupuncture therapy from Traditional Chinese Medicine University in China. She also completed massage therapy diploma of ICT Kikkawa College with top grades. She is experienced with treating various conditions including sports injury, infertility, pain syndromes, insomnia, digestive ailments and so on. She performs combination sessions with different modalities including acupuncture, cupping, moxibustion, guasha, tuina, fascia work, back-walking and so on to support the body’s healing process. Her sessions are effective for restoring clients’ overall health by promoting muscle health, rectifying energy, and balancing Yin and Yang of the body. Clients also receives constructive home-care advices during their visits. She has gained a very honorable reputation by successfully restoring clients’ internal health and muscle health. She has high rebooking rate over her years of practice.

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