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Jenny Zhang is the founder of Osteo Tuina, an ordinary person pursuing her dreams in a foreign land. Despite encountering numerous hardships, she remained steadfast and resolute, ultimately achieving her goals with grace and determination. For the past thirty years, working from 10am to 10pm every day has become Jenny's daily routine. Even on days off, she still tends to the clinic with miscellaneous tasks and other work that cannot be accomplished during regular hours. Her unwavering dedication has earned Osteo Tuina a respectable reputation in Toronto's health industry, with the greatest reward being the contentment her clients feel after regaining their health. Today, Osteo Tuina has established itself in North York and downtown Toronto, with registered massage therapists, registered acupuncturists, and registered osteopathy. Jenny believes that everything that happens in life is fate. At the age of 70, it seems that her destiny is to guard the well-being of all sentient beings, as she has become an eternal presence in their lives. Every day, from home to work, it's the same routine, yet she never complains about the weight of destiny on her shoulders. With Jenny around, the clinic is always filled with laughter and joy, as if her life is stuck in the era of fighting and striving when she was 40 years old. The company feels like her child, as she pours all her efforts into nurturing and caring for it. Every client and therapist can feel the sincerity and love she puts into her work. Jenny silently brings health to each and every client she encounters, and their gratitude after leaving behind their illnesses is the best reward she could ever receive. Many young aspiring therapists come seeking her guidance, and Jenny is always eager to share her accumulated experience and unique techniques with them. Her daughter, son, and daughter-in-law are all professional health practitioners who have been in the industry for over 20 years, and they share the burden of their mother's heavy workload. The entire family contributes their efforts towards a shared goal. The immense pain of her patients always touches Jenny's heart, making it difficult for her to sleep at night. However, their skeptical expressions always turn into satisfied ones after receiving her services. Jenny never minds their initial doubts and always tries her best to help people regain their health. Jenny has never lost sight of her original intentions. In the grand scheme of life, human beings are minuscule, yet we always hope for our lives to be complete. Despite knowing her place in life, Jenny only desires to accomplish a little bit every day, making her life feel fulfilling.

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